My Name is Joel and this is my Journey.  I have dreamed of traveling the world.  I once thought this impossible. It’s to dangerous. To expensive. To vast. To time consuming.

” There is nothing impossible to him that will try”

Alexander the Great”

Join me on my journey from Florida to Alaska, to China, to Europe to Iceland. My goal is simple. Inspire you to travel and fulfill your dreams.

I will share me thoughts, my tips, my findings, and my experiences.

Every place I go I find something special. I try to learn something new. My reason for travel is to broaden my horizon about people but also to inspire you to do the same.

To understand the human more fully. I want to be a complete person. I want to learn as much as I can about us. History, present, the future.

I want to walk were scholars once walked and where warriors once fought. I want to see where my ancestors lived and see where they died.  

Our lives are not just the only thing in this world. We are but part of many different centuries with many different cultures. One can be dormant only for so long before becoming either restless or stale. 

May you find the courage to become the person, find the place, or see your dreams happen. On my journey I hope I inspire you to act with out fear of criticism and with a new confidence that the impossible is possible.